Powerful Communications


How We Work

Our Unique Process

Leveraging the power of storytelling.


Developing a common language about equitable spaces is vital for creating environments that foster better relationships among all community members. 


We help create brave spaces for people to have dialogue, to understand what being equitable is, and to develop frameworks for better outcomes  – starting with the power of storytelling. 


At Powerful Communications, we use a 3-step process to deliver an immersive, engaging story-driven experience to help you learn how to listen with empathy, realize new points of view, and discover actions you can take to create better outcomes for all.


We partner with you to help identify where you are in the arc of your ever-evolving story. 

You’ll share information with us about yourself and the challenges you’re facing with creating equity in your environment. This will help uncover the root issues we need to help you address.

Content Development

Together we identify where you would like to be and what the journey looks like to get you there. We build a program aligned with your goals, whether toward personal development or organizational mission.

Program Delivery

From a 3-hour interactive workshop on “Improv for Better Communication” to a multi-day training on “How Inclusiveness and Belonging are Integral to Achieving Your Mission,” we will find the delivery channel best suited to your needs.

What We Provide